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Customer Testimonies

“Danil really took the time to get to know my insurance needs and helped tailor a policy that takes care of my family while respecting my budget. He was able to answer my questions quickly and provided quality suggestions. After we started the policy, he gave me a follow-up call to make sure there were no new issues. Danil went above and beyond what is generally expected from an insurance agent, and for that reason, I have recommended him to my friends and family.”

– Keith

“Really good service and understanding of needs & wants. Friendly people and courtesy was good as well as timeliness. I’d recommend Plaza Insurance to friends and family for these reasons. I feel they met my needs and have good knowledge of insurance.”

– Josh

“Recently, my concert production business was required to provide proof of liability insurance for the rental of a performance venue. My search for this type of insurance was met with many insurance carriers telling me they did not carry this type of policy, nor did they know where I could get it. Through another company with whom I am associated, I was sent to Plaza Insurance who, not only provided expedient and knowledgeable connections to a resource within their organization, but agent Danil Semenov got a great rate for us as well. He made the whole process easy for us and responded very quickly on our behalf.”

– Barney McClure, Barney McClure Productions

“I was referred to Plaza Insurance by a Financial Planner and worked with Danil to review my auto and condo insurance policies. Danil was responsive and thorough. He reviewed the Homeowners policy for the building and discovered that I did not need as much personal coverage as I had been carrying. He was able to save me money on both policies. It was a painless process and he was very accommodating.”

– Melissa R.

“I have been with Farmers insurance (3 yrs), State Farm (3 yrs), and Geico (6 yrs).

Through out I have had quotes from various providers and nobody ever beat Geico for us until Danil got us quote from a large nation wide company. Not only did I get a great deal on my insurance, Danil is such a pleasure to work with. Unlike other insurance agents I have worked with in the past he is very courteous, knowledgeable and very, very reachable.

We have consolidated our home and auto policies with home and cant be happier. Also, he helped us with a great condo policy after my previous insurance (State Farm) did not renew our policy after a water damage claim. Highly recommended.+

– Simran B.