Equine Insurance

  • Livestock Mortality is a Life Insurance policy for your horse with you listed as a beneficiary. It is an “All-Risk” policy which will cover death from any cause, subject to certain exclusions, stated in the policy. Mortality coverage will also pay if your horse is stolen. You will be paid the actual value of the horse at the time of accident or illness causing its death, not exceeding the value specified in policy contract. If your horse is sick or injured before the policy expires and you have reported the sickness or injury, your coverage will be extended for additional 90 days and your claim will be paid should the horse die within that time from the same cause.
  • Surgical Endorsement Should your insured horse require surgery, this endorsement will cover the costs. Surgical coverage pays for reasonable and customary charges for surgical treatment necessitated by accident, injury or illness. Coverage amount is $10,000.
  • Major Medical Endorsement This insurance reimburses veterinarian’s fees for surgery, major illness and disease. It pays for reasonable and customary charges necessitated by accident, injury or illness. Coverage amounts are $10,000 or $15,000.
  • Colic Treatment & Surgery Endorsement Coverage amount is $10,000.

Colic and Surgical ARE included in the Major Medical coverage. The Colic and Surgical endorsements can be stacked on top of the Major Medical coverage for higher limits OR can be purchased separately without purchasing Major Medical coverage.

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